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Welcome to modeling page and thanks for checking my portolio’s out! I’m young looking and easy going! I’m 19 and ready to start a modeling career. I have had a couple workshops and a few events under my belt and look forward to booking some gigs with the great photographers of southern California!

I have a unique look. I’m small chested with short hair and they say I have a great butt! (LOL) Long legs and a face that seems to work well for Fashion, Cosplay and a verity of other looks. I look forward to shooting some punk and school girl type stuff, But I’m open to your ideas as well!

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FanTC wear
Glamour Swimwear
Portfolio 1 (PG rated – includes Implied nudes) CLICK HERE



Booking page for Pixee Banks

I’m very flexible to your ideas and I’m ok with nudes, but I’m not interested in shooting crotch shots. Fashion, Cosplay, Editorial, Commercial, Print, Lingerie, Swimwear, Implied Nude and Nude all work for me and I have some training in Artistic Nudes from a workshop with Shelby Palmer.


I just wanted to get that out of the way! I work with FanTCimage’s GSM events and I get tons of images every month. Yes some are not the best but some are very good and the bottom line is I’m modeling as a job so I’m not going to be accepting any TF offers.


Fashion – Cosplay – Editorial etc. $40hr 2hr min.
Glamour (Swimwear and Lingerie to very sexy clothing) $60 to $75hr 2hr min
Implied and Nude 100hr with a 2hr min (I have specials for shoots lasting 4 hours or longer).

Please Include!

Please be clear as to what type photography or video project you have in mind. I will respond promptly to all legit offers. I will show up early and ready to shoot! Please include Location(s), Type, Time Frame and your mm# or location of your work. Do not send me offers for Adult xxx type work please.

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